Advances in materials and choice of sanitaryware means that the options for vanities have never been greater 한컴오피스 2010 크랙 다운로드. With Petal’s advice and guidance, you can choose carefully to ensure that both the aesthetic appeal and the functionality of your cubicle system, commercial washroom, changing room benches and toilet partition will be achieved 다운로드.

The two main variables are design style and materials although both combine to produce many different variations. Choose a material based on the project budget, the material’s aesthetic appeal and its suitability for the application.

Vanity System Options


Glass In toughened or laminated formats, glass can be used as a vanity surface with or without up-stands for a variety of basin formats 무서운동영상 다운로드. Laminated glass is hard-wearing and can create highly contemporary styling when matched with the latest in tap and basin design

Alternative Materials

More specialised materials can also be sourced and processed for use in the most luxurious or unique washroom environments 주석성경 다운로드. These include natural woods and alternative natural stones such as marble or limestone. Alternative composite stone products are available in a range of designer colourways 휴대폰 유튜브 다운로드. In each case, once given the context of the use parameters, Petal will advise on the suitability of a particular material.

High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

This is the entry level material for vanities 다운로드. Suited only for surface mounted washbasins it can be produced with post formed down-stands and up-stands for a practical and serviceable solution.

Solid Surfacing

This is a unique hard-wearing material which can be produced in many different formats including integral basins and troughs all with seamless joints 라이트웍스 다운로드. Ideal for washrooms where style is an important factor, solid surfacing is available in many colours and finishes including stone effects.

Compact Grade Laminate (CGL)

This is a tough and totally waterproof alternative to HPL 다운로드. Suitable for areas of hard use or vandal exposed washrooms.

Natural Granite

This is an exceptionally hard-wearing vanity top and is ideal for under basins or freestanding top mounted basins 원더 보이 2 다운로드. Available in a range of shades, Granite has a luxurious polished surface and can be produced in a range of styles including matching down-stands and up-stands.

Vanity Design

As a bespoke commercial washroom and cubicle system  provider Petal can produce vanities to our client’s own designs from any of the wide range of materials available 윈도우 비스타 64비트 다운로드.

For many projects however, our range of Petal Vanity designs will meet and exceed our client’s requirements. Vanities may be ordered in conjunction and coordinated with the complete washroom. Petal commercial washroom solutions include ducting and pelmets, changing room benches and washroom cubicles . In applications such as nursery or schools the vanities are sized appropriately.

Counter Top

Surface mounted basins can be set down on or partially recessed into any material including Laminates for practical and cost effective applications. Alternatively, freestanding surface mounted basins create a more bespoke look when combined with superior surface materials.

Semi Recessed

Inset surface mounted basins may be semi recessed exposing the front of the basin for an alternative style. Any of the material options may potentially be used in this format

Under Counter

Basins may be fitted under counter creating a clean counter top finish. Often used in conjunction with granites and other materials. HPL vanity tops are not suitable for this application.

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