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With over 40 years of designing, manufacturing and installing washrooms, we have learnt a lot about what works and what doesn’t.

This has led us to adopt the most rigorous testing regime in the industry, structured to create some of the most extreme conditions that our products are likely to encounter.

The specifier can have total confidence that by choosing a Petal product, every aspect of the design has been checked and tested to ensure that the client will experience faultless performance. With guarantee of up to 10 years Petal leaves nothing to chance.

Rigorous Testing

We test continuously to ensure that all our components will perform to the highest standards. Hinges, indicators and fixings are all tested to ensure that they will work year after year.

With the collaboration of a local university, which also certifies our results, we have devised an impact testing procedure for our cubicle systems. This test replicates the most extreme impacts likely to be inflicted by washroom users and which can seriously challenge the structural stability of the cubicle system.

A programme of independent testing of Petal cubicles has been established to validate the ability of the product to withstand even extreme personal attack. These tests simulate large soft body impacts of up to 134Nm impact energy. Tests employing a 50kg impactor are carried out at a variety of likely impact points – kick height, shoulder charge etc. The Petal product is found to withstand tests without failure and when measured against British Standard BS5234-2:1992 it is classified as suitable for Severe Duty Applications.

Our commitment to quality is confirmed by our ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Highest Standards

We don’t make compromises, so we don’t offer rock bottom prices and the reason for this is simple!

From our long market experience, we frequently see evidence of rock bottom performance from others’ failed washroom products which were supplied to a price but were neither designed or built to last.

Since we take care with the hidden details of our washroom systems, the final results are impressive. Wherever possible, we use full length channels instead of patch fittings as these provide additional stability, protect panel edges and leave the washroom system easier to clean. We use only the best materials available and we never compromise on ideas or solutions which we know will not survive the test of time.

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