A fun, bright approach to the provision of a welcoming infant washroom environment featuring low level panels scaled to allow both child privacy and supervision of users by carers.

Child friendly finishes include radiused edges and rounded corners on compact laminate panels while striking graphic options complete this ideal nursery solution. Beep is designed to last with a secure floor fixing and continuous wall channel making this a practical and robust freestanding system.


  • Suitability
    Educational use, wet or dry environments including showers.
  • Price Level
  • Pilaisters
    Radiused edge 12mm CGL
  • Colour
    Petal CGL range, including graphic prints.
  • Head Clearance Height
    Fully clear
  • Overall Clearance Height
    Fully clear
  • Privacy Design
    150mm floor clearance
  • Doc M Compliance Options
    Inline inward and outward openings,Enlarged and ambulant, Emergency release indicator

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