Duo is one range with two very different looks. If you want the traditional curves of a 30mm thick postformed pilaster then choose Duo in the HPL version. Alternatively, if curves are not really what you want, then specify Duo in 12mm CGL featuring bull nosed edges and gain the extra benefit of suitability for use in wet areas.

Whichever look you choose, each cubicle gains durability from the semi framed continuous leg, while configuration options include standard inward opening and disabled outward opening doors set to the front of the pilasters. All in all a great value range capable of performing well in many applications.


  • Suitability
    CGL - General use, dry or wet environments., HPL - General use, dry environments.
  • Price Level
  • Pilaisters
    20mm HPL 12mm CGL, 20mm HPL 12mm CGL
  • Colour
    20mm HPL 12mm CGL
  • Head Clearance Height
  • Overall Clearance Height
    HPL 1995mm, CGL 2000mm
  • Privacy Design
    150mm floor clearance
  • Doc M Compliance Options
    Inline inward and outward openings, Enlarged and ambulant, Emergency release indicator

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