Design that Lasts – Sustainability at the core of Petal’s Ethos
Design that Lasts – Sustainability at the core of Petal’s Ethos

Design that lasts – Newry cubicles were in existance almost 30 years when the building was demolished[/caption]Sustainability is a topic which is difficult to ignore for any manufacturer, particularly in the wake of a global focus on eliminating waste and government commitments on carbon emissions. This issue has come into sharper focus as a result of the pandemic, with the business community and general public now even more aware of their own responsibilities with regard to sustainable practices, and a visible shift in attitudes towards the importance of using sustainable brands and products.

At Petal, we have identified every aspect of our business that we can adapt in order to secure a process which is in line with our ethos of environmentally friendly solutions. Petal is committed to playing its part in helping the UK government achieve its legislative target of zero carbon by 2050. From paper and plastic recycling in our office, to waste reduction processes in our factory and right through to our use of sustainable energy sources, we are acutely aware of the necessity to respect our environment and are committed to a long-term sustainability focused approach.

100% Renewable Energy Sources

Any ethical manufacturing facility prioritising carbon reductions must address energy sources as a means of reducing carbon footprint. 2021 was a big milestone for Petal in this regard, having recently achieved 100% renewable energy status. This has been achieved mainly through the use of local wind farms.

A further bolstering of our energy commitment will see the installation of 442 PV solar panels later this year at our manufacturing facility, thus, further strengthening our environmental impact. These panels will be responsible for the production of 150.48 kWP of energy, marking a substantial reduction in the company’s energy consumption.

Waste Reduction

Our standard panel sizes for cubicle doors, wall panels and internal cubicle divides have been designed with waste reduction in mind. This not only provides obvious economic benefits to the customer, but significantly decreases material offcuts, thus minimising the waste material we produce.

Those offcuts we do produce are all utilised in other products where possible – ensuring we optimise yields to their maximum potential and helping us take steps to eliminate waste to landfill from our factory. Our staff are trained in the importance of minimising waste and in the recycling of materials.

Supply Chain

Not only are we focused on our own environmental policies, we also ensure we only deal with materials suppliers who share in our commitment to the environment. We seek all the necessary certification from all our suppliers of woodgrains, laminate, glass and veneers so that we know our green credentials are being lived out right through this supply chain. This careful selection of suppliers extends into the hardware we use, the materials we purchase for our office and right through to uniform suppliers.

Since our inception 40 years ago, ‘Design that Lasts’ has been our motto. Producing washroom solutions which are built to last is not only an advantage for the client and for the end user, but ultimately for our environment. Our focus us on designing, manufacturing and installing products which stand the test of time – extending surface life through design and superior manufacturing.

A recent installation at Newry Leisure Centre saw the removal of one Petal system to be replaced with a new design. The replacement of these old panels was necessary only because of a new build project which saw the old leisure complex demolished. Although the original washroom panels were not in keeping with the design of the new complex, they were structurally as sound on the day they were removed as when they were installed all the way back in 1991.

To see the new system installed click here to view our Newry Leisure Centre case study.

16 August 2021 10:52 am
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