Globoforce Europe

The Duo system provided individuality for this software developer.

Petal’s Duo system offers designers a huge range of standard finishes which can be specified as single or combination colour schemes. At Globoforce the team selected a high gloss black and white scheme within the staff washroom facilities.



The Duo cubicle is a robust semi framed system with a host of features which represent excellent value for commercial applications.

Globoforce Europe


  • Sector
    Commercial offices
  • Project Names
    Globoforce, Park West
  • Contractor
  • Client
  • Architect
  • Range
    Duo Cubicles, P200 APS
  • Cubicle System
    Duo Cubicles
  • Duct Pannelling
    P200 System
  • Vanity System
    Bespoke system in compact grade laminate

The Duo system is far from standard in its construction, with a rigid semi framed design and manufactured to eliminate any visible through fixings. The result is an extremely robust cubicle which is suitable for use in areas of higher traffic such as this commercial application.

The gloss materials were carried through into the APS and bespoke vanities systems.


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